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Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice

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The Weed Killer Paraquat Is Linked to Parkinson’s. Why Isn’t It Banned Yet?

Lori Phillips is among thousands with stories of contracting Parkinson’s after being exposed to paraquat. Help us urge the EPA to ban paraquat.


A Train Full of Toxic Chemicals Derailed in Her Town. Here’s What Her Community Needs Now.

A year after the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, advocates are still pushing for much-needed change.


Little Blue: A Broken Promise

A community was promised a recreational dream. Instead, they got a toxic nightmare. This is their battle against coal ash, a toxic waste polluting hundreds of similar communities across America.


Breaking Down Toxic PFAS

What PFAS are, why they’re harmful, and what we can do to protect ourselves from them.

End Fossil Fuels

Earthjustice works alongside communities impacted by coal, oil, and gas and uses the power of the law to loosen the fossil fuel industry’s destructive grip on our world. More stories.