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Document March 13, 2024

Petition for Review: SEC Climate Rule

Sierra Club and the Sierra Club Foundation, represented by Earthjustice, filed a lawsuit against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit over its final rule requiring public companies to disclose climate-related risks to their businesses and plans to manage or mitigate them.

Hurricane Ida toppled these power lines near a petroleum refinery outside LaPlace, Louisiana. Ida's eastern wall went right over LaPlace, inflicting heavy damage on the area.(Michael Robinson Chavez / The Washington Post via Getty Images)
Press Release March 13, 2024

Sierra Club, Earthjustice Challenge SEC’s Weakened Climate Risk Disclosure Rule

Final rule significantly curtailed emissions disclosure requirements despite widespread support

Montana’s cold, clean streams contain some of the last prime habitat in the United States for threatened bull trout, whose historic range has shrunk by half.
(Joel Sartore / National Geographic Stock / U.S. FWS)
Press Release: Victory March 13, 2024

Court Again Finds Flathead National Forest Roadbuilding Harms Grizzly Bears and Bull Trout

Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife Service did not lawfully examine impacts to species

The Development Driller III in the Gulf Of Mexico, off the coast of Louisiana. (Gerald Herbert / AP)
Press Release March 13, 2024

Gulf, Alaska, and Environmental Groups File Motion to Intervene in Oil Industry Lawsuit Against Interior Department’s Five-Year Offshore Leasing Plan

Groups aim to defend against industry efforts to maximize offshore drilling in public waters

Document March 13, 2024

Motion to Intervene in Oil Industry Lawsuit Against Interior Department’s Five-Year Offshore Leasing Plan

Gulf, Alaska, and environmental groups filed a motion to intervene in an oil industry lawsuit challenging the Interior Department’s Five-Year Program for offshore oil-and-gas leasing — to prevent industry from grabbing even more public waters for profit.

A flare burns in a California oil field.
(Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release March 13, 2024

Health, Environmental, Community Groups Move to Defend EPA Oil and Gas Methane Standards in Court

EPA’s oil and gas methane standards are firmly rooted in science and the law

page March 13, 2024

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Document March 12, 2024

Flathead National Forest Findings

A Montana District Court ruling found that significant new roadbuilding projects in the Flathead National Forest will negatively impact Endangered Species Act-listed grizzly bears and bull trout. The court found that the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did not lawfully examine the impacts to these species when the agencies greenlit the roadbuilding plan in 2018.

Press Release March 12, 2024

Earthjustice Statement: Assembly One-House Budget SFY2025 Omits NY HEAT Act

The NYS Assembly included new policy that codifies a 6% cap on energy bills for eligible low-income New Yorkers

In the News: Canary Media March 12, 2024

California’s biofuel bias is hampering its EV future. Can that change?

Adrian Martinez, Attorney, Right to Zero: “We’ve got to eliminate our reliance on combustion. The program as designed will continue to provide lucrative incentives for combustible fuels well into the future. The stakes are very, very high.”

In the News: Energy News Network March 12, 2024

Parsing legal definitions, power industry pushes back on EPA coal ash enforcement

Gavin Kearney, Deputy Managing Attorney, Clean Energy Program: “The whole overarching point (of the federal rules) is that groundwater contamination is a big problem; it’s really unsafe, and we have to prevent it. You can’t let water in (to a coal ash impoundment); you can’t let water out; you can’t let water just sit inside…

Bitcoin mining machines in a warehouse at the Whinstone US Bitcoin mining facility in Rockdale, Texas, the largest in North America. Operations like this one have been boosted by China’s intensified crypto crackdown that has pushed the industry west. (Mark Felix / AFP via Getty Images)
From the Experts March 12, 2024

Cryptocurrency Miners Need to Report their Energy Use

The U.S. Energy Information Administration raises concerns about energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining operations, will seek comments on reporting requirements.

California Governor Gavin Newsom is seen while visiting the community destroyed by the Dixie Fire in Greenville, California in 2021. (Stephen Lam / The San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)
From the Experts March 12, 2024

California Plans to Waste $27 Billion Bankrolling a Polluters’ Paradise

With the Low Carbon Fuel Standard, California would be locked in to waste $27 billion in climate dollars on dirty fuels over the next decade. It’s up to Governor Newsom to fix it.

A beekeeper checks on hives pollinating an orchard in California. Honey bees are responsible for pollinating many of our super-foods, including berries, nuts, and avocados. Earthjustice is working on many pesticide-related cases to protect bees, the environment, and people who may be exposed to toxic chemicals. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Press Release: Victory March 12, 2024

Bee-Killing Insecticide Sulfoxaflor To Remain Off Shelves in California

Court of Appeal lets stand lower court’s decision invalidating California’s approval of insecticide that causes colony collapse

Trucks haul shipping containers at the Port of Los Angeles, the nation's busiest port. Their emissions create diesel death zones along freight lines and freeways throughout the state. Trucks produce the pollution for 40% of California’s unhealthy smog problem.
(Getty Images)
Press Release March 12, 2024

Earthjustice Praises New Zero-Emission Freight Corridor Strategy, Urges Caution on Hydrogen Inclusion

The new strategy will coordinate and increase investments in zero-emission medium and heavy-duty vehicle infrastructure across sectors to achieve a zero-emission freight network by 2040

(pkline / Getty Images)
Press Release March 12, 2024

Earthjustice Statement: New York Senate One-House Budget Includes NY HEAT Act

Senate champions full NY HEAT Act, which will save New Yorkers money and fight climate change

Alyssa Anderson, a second-generation beekeeper, works with bee hives in a California orchard. (Chris Jordan-Bloch / Earthjustice)
Update: Victory March 12, 2024

Beekeepers Triumph Against Deadly Insecticide

A California court ruled in favor of beekeepers represented by Earthjustice, shielding pollinators from the pesticide sulfoxaflor.

Workmen prepare to replace old water pipes with new copper pipes in Newark, New Jersey in 2021. The city replaced nearly all of its 23,000 lead service lines with new copper pipes. (Seth Wenig / AP)
Article March 11, 2024

This Toxic Metal is Still Contaminating Our Drinking Water. Is Change Coming?

Lead-contaminated water continues to plague many U.S. cities and rural areas alike, but a renewed focus by the federal government and state-based efforts offer hope for finally dealing with this nationwide crisis.