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Who We Are

The Northern Rockies office protects large, intact ecosystems and seeks to build ecosystem resilience by reducing pressures caused by oil and gas development, logging, road building, and off-road vehicle traffic. See bar admissions for our attorneys.

Mary CochenourSupervising Senior Attorney

Amanda GalvanSenior Associate Attorney

Jenny HarbineManaging Attorney

Sean HelleSenior Attorney

Brooke HelstromLitigation Assistant

Shiloh HernandezSenior Attorney

Cindy Hsin-Pei NapoliLegal Practice Manager

Chrissy PepinoLitigation Paralegal

Emily QiuAssociate Attorney

Benjamin ScrimshawSenior Associate Attorney

Our Impact

See three decades of fighting for and defending — alongside our clients and partners — the nation’s remaining great wild places.

The Northern Rockies region boasts some of our nation’s last great wild places. Its magnificent landscapes provide opportunities for both recreation and solitude; its resources have provided sustenance to human communities for thousands of years.

Its intact, healthy ecosystems — the Greater Yellowstone, Crown of the Continent, and Salmon-Selway — are key refuges for wildlife. But they are also under increasing stress from habitat fragmentation, destructive development, and rapid global climate change. Responding to these challenges is a hallmark of Earthjustice. See a few of the cases of the Northern Rockies office.

The Northern Rockies region offers a last glimpse of wild lands and wildlife that have been eliminated from most of the world.

We are committed to ensuring that our nation’s irreplaceable wild places and wildlife are preserved for future generations.

Highlights of Our Work

Wildlife species that the Northern Rockies office works to protect include:

  • Gray Wolves: Earthjustice’s legal team has been battling for 20 years to protect the gray wolf, a critical species in Northern Rockies ecosystems.
  • Grizzly Bears: For decades, Earthjustice has stood at the forefront of efforts to protect and recover grizzly bear populations in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act.
  • Wolverines: Federal agency inaction to established protections for wolverines have led advocates to repeatedly turn to the courts for enforcement of the Endangered Species Act. Earthjustice, and the groups we represent, have won every case we have filed on behalf of the wolverine, either through judicial rulings in their favor or through favorable settlement agreements.

Badger-Two Medicine Oil & Gas Lease

  • The Badger-Two Medicine region, adjacent to Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana, is a dramatic and ecologically important wild landscape. Encompassing 130,000 acres of national forest land, the region is almost entirely roadless and a crucial wildlife movement corridor. The Badger-Two Medicine region is of special cultural importance to the Blackfoot Tribe.
  • The federal government issued oil and gas leases in 1982 in a key part of the Badger-Two Medicine region, but later suspended all activity in the area in response to public and Tribal opposition to drilling.
  • However, one of the lease holders sued in 2013 to force the government to allow immediate drilling in the region. Drilling would pose grave environmental risks to these ecologically important wildlands.
  • A seven-year successful legal fight resulted in a federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., upholding the cancellation of the last remaining federal oil and gas lease in Badger Two-Medicine.

Recent News
Montana’s cold, clean streams contain some of the last prime habitat in the United States for threatened bull trout, whose historic range has shrunk by half.
March 13, 2024 Press Release: Victory

Court Again Finds Flathead National Forest Roadbuilding Harms Grizzly Bears and Bull Trout

Forest Service and Fish and Wildlife Service did not lawfully examine impacts to species

March 12, 2024 Document

Flathead National Forest Findings

A Montana District Court ruling found that significant new roadbuilding projects in the Flathead National Forest will negatively impact Endangered Species Act-listed grizzly bears and bull trout. The court found that the U.S. Forest Service and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service did not lawfully examine the impacts to these species when the agencies greenlit the...

March 4, 2024 In the News: Montana Free Press

Petitioners ask Montana utility board to integrate climate impacts into regulatory decisions

Jenny Harbine, Managing Attorney, Northern Rockies Office: “If the commission decides not to abide by those constitutional obligations, it certainly subjects itself to legal arguments that it acted unlawfully. We’re hoping we don’t have to cross that bridge.”